Local time: Timezone: (UTC+02:00) Central European Summer TimeDate: Aug 31 2023Time: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Location: Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw


ETH Warsaw 2023

ETH Warsaw is a community-led, grassroots conference and hackathon organized by active members of the Web3 community working in blockchain-focused companies around the world.

Speakers include;

  • Akram El Milligy, Developer Support Engineer, Ledger
  • Marius van der Wijden, Software Developer, Ethereum Foundation
  • Toghrul Maharramov, Scroll
  • Dcbuilder, Worldcoin
  • Simon Emanuel Schmid, Lead Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node
  • Patrick McCorry, Research, Arbitrum Foundation
  • Bianca Buzea, Founder, DedRel Uni
  • Jakub Wojciechowski, Founder & CEO, Redstone Oracles
  • Marcus Wentz, Dev Rel, Taiko
  • Adam Gagol, Co-founder, Aleph Zero

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