ETHOnline 2021 — September 17 – October 15, 2021

ETHOnline is a global hackathon and summit series devoted to celebrating what’s possible on Ethereum.

All over the world, hundreds of thousands of developers, users, hobbyists, creators, artists, and market makers spend their days and nights thinking, building, talking about Ethereum because we are… excited.

We’re excited by the idea that Ethereum can change things. That Ethereum is a fulcrum we can use to change money, finance, the web, the way software works and the way power is distributed.

This September, we invite you to come learn what all the talk is about. ETHOnline is our way of celebrating an incredible year in Ethereum, bringing the community together at a time when we’re kept apart.

Join over 1,000 likeminded engineers, designers, and creators to build and learn for 3-weeks. Focus on building a new product/protocol for the hackathon, learning at the summits and workshops, and gain valuable feedback from ecosystem professionals along the way.

Whether you’re here to build or here to learn, we hope you’ll join us.

ETHOnline Summit Schedule

  • Sep. 17 – Kick-off Summit
    • Vitalik Buterin & Karl Floersch talk about Retroactive Public Goods Funding
  • Sep 24th – NFTs & Creators Summit
    • Alex Atallah from OpenSea will cover all things NFTs
    • Roham Gharegozlou from Dapper Labs talks about the future of NFTs
    • Gabby Dizon and Linda Xie talk about Play to Earn gaming
    • more to be announced soon
  • Oct 1st – Governance and DAOs Summit
    • 0xMaki & Scoopy Trooples share DeFi insights
    • Eva Beylin covers managing DAOs at scale
    • Panel discussion on DeFi grant programs
    • more to be announced soon
  • Oct 8th – Developer Tools Summit
    • Austin Griffith covers all things scaffold-eth
    • transmissions11 gives an overview of dapptools
    • Patricio Palladino talks about the future of Hardhat
    • more to be announced soon
  • Oct 15th – Hackathon Finale + Merge and Scalability Summit
    • Hackathon winners present their projects
    • Danny Ryan gives an update on eth2 roadmap
    • Aya Miyaguchi talks about the future of ethereum ecosystem
    • Vitalik Buterin shares a vision of what comes after The Merge
    • more to be announced soon

These summits will give you an all-access pass to everything that’s happening in the ethereum ecosystem — come learn from the pioneers in the space as they discuss the next generation of decentralized solutions, all under one roof.

Don’t miss out on an incredible event, and register now!