ETHDenver 2023


ETHDenver is the largest Web3 #BUIDLathon in the world (fka hackathon) for Ethereum and other blockchain protocol enthusiasts, designers and developers.

Blockchain companies from around the world will host events in an open source format, inviting all to attend. Then moving into main event weekend, venues come to life featuring talks and workshops by top blockchain influencers and experts, BUIDLathon space to collaborate on projects, art installations, live music, networking events, food, drinks, and more.

The community attending ETHDenver shows up to contribute to the global blockchain ecosystem, whether by #BUIDLing decentralized applications (dApps), contributing to or starting infrastructure level projects, writing documentation / tutorials / white-papers, designing UI/UX, or info-graphics, or to learn, connect, and get more involved. So bring your inner awesomeness and some friends. We’ll provide mentors, resources, and all of the educational content you can consume.

ETHDenver is 100% community funded, and SporkDAO, the community-owned organization of ETHDenver, is on a mission to #BUIDL Colorado as the destination of choice to build a decentralized future, and will be raising a $5 million fund that will be deployed into the investments of projects that will come out of ETHDenver 2023.

The goal is to give value directly back to the community following the completion of the event–with ETHDenver functioning as an incubator and launchpad to create year-round funding for projects.


More events:

NEAR House by Supermoon Camp at ETH Denver — February 26 – March 6

UPA Privacy Summit — February 27

Interop Summit — February 27-28

CryptoEcon Day — March 1

Countdown to FVM (Filecoin’s Virtual Machine) — March 1

WalletCon — March 1

DeFi Denver — March 1

Launch @ Chainlink: Unveiling Next-Gen Serverless Solution for Web3 Developers — March 1

DCENTRAL Denver — March 2

ETH Denver DeFi Institutional Event — March 2

Multichain ERC20 @ ETHDenver — March 3

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