ETH Austin 2022 — March 17-18, 2022

2824 Real St., Austin, TX 78722

Hosted by Dystopia Labs and Ethereum Austin, ETH Austin is a gathering of ETH folks from the Southwest. The goal is to bring together the local community and have fun.

Speakers include:

  • Preston Van Loon, Co-Founder, Prysmatic Labs
  • Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder & COO, The Sandbox
  • Alex Atallah, Co-Founder & CTO, OpenSea
  • David Post, Managing Director, Chainlink Labs
  • Catherine Gu, Global CBDC Lead, Visa
  • Shehan C, Head of Strategy, CoinTracker
  • Jacob Cantele, Lead of Operations, Consensys (Metamask)
  • Adrian Li, Co-Founder, DFX Finance
  • Vanessa Grellet, Head of Portfolio Growth,
  • Sidney Powell, CEO & Co-Founder, Maple Finance
  • Ivan Fartunov, Head of Ecosystem, Aragon
  • James Parillo, Initiatives, Figment Fund
  • Derek Alia, Founder, Futureswap


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