Dutch Blockchain Week 2022 — November 21-27, 2022

Dutch Blockchain Week 2022

The 4th edition of the Dutch Blockchain Week will host a blend of physical, virtual and hybrid events featuring change makers, professionals, entrepreneurs, governments, corporates, regulators and other enthusiasts from the crypto space.

Besides a main physical and main virtual event, the Dutch Blockchain Week 2022 will also have tens of ecosystem events all over The Netherlands.

This week is organized by a group of passionate volunteers, out of the Blockchain Foundation Netherlands (BCNL) and consists of:

Speakers include:

  • Lex Sokolin, Head Economist, Consensys
  • Joe McGill, Global Investigations, TRM Labs
  • Manel Sort, CEO & Co-Founder, Games For A Living (G4AL)
  • Aragorn Meulendijks, Your Open Metaverse
  • Martijn van Schaik, CEO, Metaseum
  • Peter Nobels, Partner, Kalipo
  • Olivier Rikken, Partner & Founder, Ledger Leopard
  • Maarten Smakman, DAO Hub
  • Kim Schneider, Blockchain & Digital Risk Solutions, Deloitte
  • Bert Slagter, Writer, LekkerCryptisch
  • Wilhelm Roth, CEO, Icoinic
  • Anastasia Kinsky, Head of Programmes and Content, Global Digital Finance
  • Marlen Komorowski, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Daniel Wingen, Business Development, Galoy
  • Balder Bomans, CIO & Managing Partner, Maven 11

Ecosystem Events:

November 22

November 24

November 26:

The Dutch Blockchain Week 2022 programme also features:

Website: https://dutchblockchainweek.com/

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