Local time: Timezone: (UTC+02:00) Central European Summer TimeDate: Jun 12 2024Time: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Location: Hotel DUO, Teplická 492, 190 00 Praha 9, Prague


Dev/Hack/Day @BTC Prague 2024

Dev/Hack/Day is a special 1-day conference taking place just before BTC Prague 2024.

Intended for all bitcoin enthusiasts, curious minds, nerds, geeks & devs, DHD is full of talks presenting breakthru ideas and engaging workshops where you get hands-on experience with cutting-edge tech.

All the content is in one place, featuring awesome projects, inspiring people, great catering throughout the whole day, and networking after party with bowling and open bar.

What to expect?

  • Base Layer: Dive deep into the heart of bitcoin! Engage with the minds leading developments like Miniscript, BitVM, and FullRBF, setting new standards for efficiency, security, and functionality.
  • Second Layers: Push the boundaries! Discover how 2nd layer solutions like Lightning, Liquid, Ecash, and Ark are revolutionizing the way we think about transaction speed, scalability, and interoperability.
  • Nostr & Sovereignty: Celebrate and advocate for decentralization of power, information, and technology! Delve into discussions and sessions where the vision of a truly free and open digital world takes shape.
  • Design & Creativity: Design bitcoin for everyone! Enter the design lounge to discover how exceptional design, where art meets technology, helps drive the bitcoin revolution. Blend aesthetics, functionality, and user experience.

Speakers include:

  • Ben Arc, Bitcoinswitch & Nostr Hardware workshops
  • Martti Malmi, Nostr: Technical Hurdles
  • Peter Todd, One-Shot Replace-by-Fee-Rate
  • Pavol “Stick” Rusnák, DHD program curator
  • Aleks Svetski, Satlantis
  • SeedSigner, Growing a FOSS Project in the Bitcoin Space
  • Ioni Appelberg, Bitcoin Is Kardashev Type 1 Money
  • Calle, The Unfulfilled Promise of Chaumian Ecash: A Renaissance Rooted in Bitcoin
  • Max Hillebrand, Cypherpunk and Privacy Socratic Discussion
  • LNbits Team, How to Write a LNbits Extension
  • softsimon, demo
  • Avi Burra, Nostr’s Future & Technical Hurdles panels moderator
  • openoms, Raspiblitz & Blink API workshop
  • Derek Ross, Nostr’s Future & The Other Stuff of Nostr
  • Marco Argentieri, Ark
  • Jesse de Wit, Breez SDK workshop
  • Michael Haase, Designing Next-Gen Multisig with FROST
  • Thomas Voegtlin, Fraud Proofs for Outdated Backup State

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