Local time: Timezone: (UTC+02:00) Central European Summer TimeDate: Jul 11 2024Time: 01:00 PM - 05:30 PM

Location: Seen to Attendees, Brussels


Declarative Day @ EthCC 7 Brussels

Declarative Day @ EthCC 7 Brussels is an event hosted by Essential, a declarative intent-centric layer-2, focused on exploring the declarative programming paradigm, removing the concept of ‘transactions’ entirely and redesigning blockchains from first principles with intents as a core pillar.

​During the event, we will cover both declarative and imperative programming, examine all the different ways declarative principles are being applied in the space, dive deeper into intents as a primitive, talk about how intent solving works, interoperability between different intent projects for solvers as well as discuss Layer2’s constraints vs execution.


  • Opening Keynote: Declarative vs. Imperative 13:00-13:20
  • Panel 1: How Different Teams Are Applying Declarative Principles 13:30-14:10
  • Panel 2: Solvers – Pulling Back the Curtain 14:20-14:40
  • Fireside Chat: Layer 2’s Constraints vs Execution 14:50-15:20
  • Keynote 2: Better UX with Intents 16:00-16:20
  • Panel 3: Modularity and Intents 16:25-16:55
  • Panel 4: Intents and Chain Abstraction 17:00-17:30

This is a side event for the Ethereum Community Conference 7 (EthCC) in Brussels.

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