DCentral Miami – NFT & DeFi Conference — November 30 – December 1, 2021

Miami Airport Convention Center
711 Northwest 72nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33126
United States

In June 2021, there was DeFiSummit, the largest DeFi Online Conference, a week long virtual event focused on bringing builders & developers together in a connected space. The event saw over 9,000+ attendees. with speakers representing Coinbase, Polygon, Cosmos, Web3 Foundation, Acala Network among others, as well as the famous investor Mark Cuban,.

Then in October, we hosted NFTCON, an online conference that merged NFT use cases with Art, Fashion, Music, Sports and creatives. dedicated conference & event focused specifically on Decentralized Finance & NFTs.

DeFi Summit & NFTCON will merge together into a 2 day physical event at MACC (Miami Airport Convention Center) on November 30th 2021 & December 1st 2021.

The Venue will have 3 dedicated stages running concurrently throughout the 2 days with Keynotes, Panels, Workshops, & Talks dedicated to Decentralized Finance & NFTs.

  • Stage 1- DeFi Stage
  • Stage 2 – NFT Stage
  • Stage 3 – Demo Stage

DCentralCon will also host a NFT Art Gallery, hosted by Super Chief & The Most Famous Artist, alongside our Exhibitor booths on the Expo floor.

Speakers include:

  • Joseph Lubin, CEO, ConsenSys
  • Peng Zhong, CEO, Tendermint (Cosmos)
  • Ran Neuner, Founder, CryptoBanter
  • Ian Balina, CEO & Founder, Token Metrics
  • Jaimie Rogozinski, Founder, WallStreetBets
  • John Ken, Founder & CMO, Genesis Block
  • Jonathan G. Blanco, CEO & Founder, Niftmint
  • Avery Akkineni, President, SKALE Labs
  • Jay, Developer, Serum
  • Ben Lakoff, Co-Founder, Charged Particles
  • Jeremy Lewis, Senior Director, NFT Acquisition,
  • Suki Yang, Quantitative Researcher, Pantera Capital
  • Greg Osuri, CEO, Akash Network
  • Mattison Asher, DeFi Market Strategist and NFT Researcher, ConsenSys
  • Chjango Unchained, Advisor & Ecosystem Developer, Cosmos / Osmosis
  • Eva Beylin, Director, The Graph Foundation
  • Tor Bair, Founder, Secret Foundation


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