Local time: Timezone: (UTC-04:00) Eastern Daylight Time (US & Canada)Date: Apr 20 2024Time: 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Location: Jack Morton Auditorium, Washington D.C.


DC Summit: Artificial Intelligence & Finance 2024

DC Summit: Artificial Intelligence & Finance – Join us to learn about gen AI, large language models intersection with finance, trading, blockchain, equities, fixed income, CBDCs and more.

Speakers include:

  • Professor Jamiel Sheikh, CEO, Scifn
  • Rajendra Shroff, Director, Head of Applied AI Research
  • Xiaoyang Liu, Founder, FinGPT
  • Yousra Aoudi, Quantitative Analyst / VP, BNY Mellon
  • Anne Griffin, Product Manager Leader, AI NYC
  • Herve Tourpe, Head of Digital Advisory, International Monetary Fund
  • Sharmista Appaya, Artificial Intelligence │ Digital Economy │ Fintech │ Financial Inclusion │Governance
  • Daniela Muhaj, Economic Research, Emerging Technologies & Policy
  • Karen Bhatia, Faculty Lecture, Stanford University
  • Bruno Melo, Partner, Global Risk Advisory Financial
  • Stefano Pasquali, MD, Head of Investment AI Modeling and Research (IAI) BlackRock

Venue: Jack Morton Auditorium | The George Washington University
Washington D.C., USA


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