DAOPlanet.NYC 2022 — June 24-25, 2022


DAOPlanet.NYC presents an amazing opportunity to connect with the top thinkers and operators in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) space. Hear from the people behind the major DAOs and those delivering the Web3 tools that make it all possible.

This 2-day program encompasses legal structures and considerations, tokenization and tokenomics (including NFTs and fungible tokens), regulatory implications, governance and strategy, and much, much more.

Whether you’re a seasoned DAO practitioner, or interested in the potential for these new types of organizations, you’ll come away vastly more equipped and prepared for what lies ahead.

Speakers include:

  • Lou Kerner, CEO, Blockchain Coinvestors
  • Mark Palmer, Managing Director/Head of Digital Assets Research, BTIG
  • Mendes, CEO & Co-Founder, Avenue
  • George Campbell, Web3 Lawyer, Antifirm
  • James Key, Founder & CEO, Autonomy Network
  • Maggi Xu, gmgn supply DAO
  • Nicolas Weber, Founder, MetaGameHub DAO
  • Lisa Wocken, talentDAOBolster Leadership
  • Eric Hill, Polygon / Bankless DAO
  • Ross Campbell, LexDAO
  • David Steen, Movement DAO
  • Adam Miller, Co-Founder, MIDAO
  • Niklas Rindtorff, LabDAO
  • Yemel Jardi, Decentraland
  • Patrick Workman, Unlock Protocol
  • Clarence Liu, CTO Owl Protocol / Advisor, Tacen
  • Alison McCauley, Change Navigator
  • Jennifer Sanasie, BitDao
  • Jules Miller, Partner, Mindset Ventures
  • Maddy Bergen, Angel Alliance
  • Justice Conder, BanklessDAO, ParticleCollection
  • Eylon Aviv, Collider Ventures

Website: https://daoplanet.org/events/nyc22/

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