Cyber Security Awards to Increase DeFi Security by DSA

DeFi Security Alliance Awards 2022

Unfortunately, DeFi space is considered to be unsafe. According to statistics, hackers have made a lot of attacks, they have stolen almost $3 billion of funds during the current year, and more than 90% of these attacks fall on the DeFi sector.

October 27, 2022 — The DeFi Security Alliance community is launching a special award to recognize the most exceptional achievements in DeFi Security and thereby increase the overall level of awareness and security in the DeFi space.

The competition will last until December 10 of this year, the participants claim to win in three nominations, and the winners will receive prestigious awards.

The DSA team offers applicants to test themselves in such categories as “Outstanding Achievements in DeFi Security”, “Outstanding Quality”, and “Community Choice”.

Winning companies that do the most to support and protect the decentralized space, offer their customers the highest quality of services and impeccable reputation, as well as selected by the community will be marked with special certificates and will be listed on DSA, the best of the best will get access to DSA Audit Builder for free. Audit Builder simplifies the work of an auditor, by helping to manage the audit process.

Now you can still become a member of the award, as well as an official media partner or try yourself in refereeing, if you have sufficient expertise. More details about the award and conditions of participation can be found on the official website:

About DeFi Security Alliance

DeFi Security Alliance (DSA) is a security-driven organization that dedicates its efforts to improving standards of safe services throughout the decentralized market. DSA helps users find the most reputable auditors and developers for crypto projects.