Crypto Gibraltar – October 8-9, 2021

Crypto Gibraltar will bring together 300 crypto executives, enthusiasts and investors to discuss where we are after two years of unprecedented turmoil, and what the short and mid-term future holds in store.

The conference’s topics:

  • DeFi / CeFi:
  • Latest analysis and trend forecasts
  • Crypto Banking
  • Cross-border payments
  • NFT’s: Truth & Fiction
  • Crypto / gaming convergence: The impact on adoption.
  • The Regulatory landscape: Big brother and beyond.

Our vision is that Crypto Gibraltar can act as a bridge to a new normality including responsible, face-to-face networking without fear.

Speakers include:

  • Albert Isola, Minister for Digital and Financial Services, Government of Gibraltar
  • Jenna Wright, Managing Director, LMAX Digital
  • Mattia Gagliardi, CEO, Zee Prime Capital
  • Sean Kiernan, CEO, Greengage
  • Pavel Stehno, CEO, Sigil Fund
  • Sam Buxton, CEO, Digital Asset Management
  • On Yavin, Founder & CEO, Cointelligence
  • Ismail Malik, Founder & CEO, Blockchain Lab
  • William Gracia, Head of DLT & Markets, Gibraltar Financial Services Commission
  • Patricia Risso, Global Head of Compliance, Bitso.


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