Crypto-Energy Summit 2022 — May 26, 2022

Crypto-Energy Summit

American Energy Independence, renewable natural gas, blue hydrogen, decentralized finance, the elimination of the Federal Reserve, zero carbon emission all are possible, but which are probable?

May 26th 2022, Crypto-Energy Summit will address all of these issues and more. We will explore the innovators and visionaries who are transforming and changing our world.

Join us on May 26th for our first ever Crypto-Energy Summit – the only event to bring together innovators from Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, and Crypto.

This event is a celebration and exploration of the innovators and disruptors that are transforming the energy and financial markets. We will examine the opportunities and challenges that exist in the fossil fuel, renewable energy, and crypto space.

Some of the topics covered include oil and gas permitting, environmental impacts of crypto mining, regulations, fossil fuel divestment, leasing, bankruptcy, intellectual property law, NFTs and more.

Take the opportunity to learn and meet with industry pioneers and professionals during happy hour, all while earning Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits.

Speakers include:

  • Stacy Garrity, Treasurer of Pennsylvania
  • Dominic Folino, President of Pennsylvania Blockchain Association
  • Kit Mueller, Vice President of Business Development Stronghold Digital Mining
  • Benjamin Sullivan, Vice President General Counsel Corporate Secretary – Diversified Oil and Gas
  • Preston Pysh, The Pylon Holding Company
  • Aaron Tainter, Senior Program Manager, Software and AlphaLab at Innovation Works
  • Lara Coviello, Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager at Brinker Capital


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