Chamber of Digital Commerce Announces Parallel Virtual Event Series


The Parallel Virtual Event Series will explore the fundamental transformations that are happening across the blockchain industry as technology, approaches, thinking and beliefs merge, combine and at times collide.

Parallel /ˈper.ə.lel/ : Involving two or more computer processes happening at one time

Everywhere we look across the blockchain industry, we see an old world and new world running in parallel.

Whether that is established financial systems being reimagined by Fintech and DeFi, or analog systems being digitized, or new technologies being retrofitted into decades-old regulatory frameworks. All are necessary and valuable as we lean into the next phase of adoption.

Centralized \\ Decentralized
Fiat \\ Crypto Assets
Analog \\ Digital

These are the parallel tracks we are all part of and ultimately some will converge. But how, when, where and why? The Chamber of Digital Commerce is set to deliver some of the most dynamic and visionary thinkers to take us on a journey of parallel universes throughout 2020. We invite you to join us on this virtual trip.

Parallel Virtual Event Series begins on May 29, 2020 with the first event, Followers \\ Leaders.

Speakers include:

  • Catherine Coley, CEO Binance.US
  • J. Christopher Giancarlo, Chairman Emeritus, CFTC Founder; The Digital Dollar Project
  • Hester Peirce, Commissioner, SEC
  • Anthony Pompliano, Co-Founder & Partner, Morgan Creek Digital
  • Rep. Darren Soto, Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Colleen Sullivan, Partner and CEO, CMT Digital Holdings LLC
  • Perianne Boring, Founder & President, Chamber of Digital Commerce
  • Thomas Chippas, CEO, ErisX
  • Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow, VP of Blockchain, IBM
  • Guy Hirsch, US Managing Director, eToro
  • Matthew Roszak, Co-Founder & Chairman, Bloq
  • Craig Sellars, Founder, Tether, Inventor of the Stablecoin