Canadian Blockchain Summit 2023 — November 30, 2023

The Canadian Blockchain Summit is a two-day conference that unites our national blockchain ecosystem to showcase the incredible innovation happening across industry segments like cryptocurrency, tokenization, smart contracts, and Web3.

Featuring insights from world-leading blockchain speakers and panelists, the Summit is a celebration of our industry’s achievements and will provide a glimpse into the future of our decentralized and digital economy.

Speakers include:

  • Adam Cai, CEO, VirgoCX Inc.
  • Alex McDougall, President & CEO, Stablecorp
  • Ben Harper, Financial Associate, Luxor Technologies
  • Carlo Campisi, Senior Policy Manager, Shakepay
  • Koleya Karringten, Executive Director, Canadian Blockchain Consortium
  • Didier Lavalee, CEO, Tetra Trust
  • Emma Todd, CEO, MMH Data Systems (Ontario)
  • Fanny Philip, Chief Operations Officer, Sato
  • Dean Skurka, President, Bitbuy (Ontario)
  • Bilal Hammoud, President & CEO, NDAX (Alberta)
  • Joseph Seibert, Executive VP, Managing Director, Fortess
  • Eric Richmond, COO, Coinsquare
  • Michael Rabkin, Head of Institutional Sales & Global Partnerships, DVChain

Venue Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Toronto, ON, Canada


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