BuildETH Patterns 2023 — November 30, 2023

BuildETH Patterns is a half-day event exploring the top web3 development patterns.

Web3 Patterns to be Explored:

  • DeFi Patterns (Liquidity Pools; Yield Farming; Vaults; Liquid Staking)
  • MEV Patterns (Front-running; Sandwich Attack; Liquidation; Mitigation)
  • Contract Deployment Patterns (Transparent Proxy; Diamonds Multi-Facet Proxy Pattern (ERC-2535)
  • Account Abstraction and Intents Patterns
  • Bridging, Cross-Chain Messaging, and Oracle Patterns 
  • Gas Optimization and Other Utility Patterns 

Speakers include:

  • Dominic Steil, Founder & CEO, Stateset
  • Elliot Friedman, Founder, Solidity Labs
  • Elena Nadolinski, Co-Founder & CEO, Iron Fish
  • McDavid Stoddard, Head of Product Market Fit, Aperture Finance
  • Conor Gallagher, Software Engineer,
  • Kevin Jones, Dev Relations Engineer, Edge & Node
  • Connie Wong, Web3 UX & Product Design, ICONIQ Design
  • Tyler Sehr, Co-Founder & CEO,
  • Philipp Zentner, Founder & CEO, LI.FI Protocol
  • Ebru Engwall, Head of Ecosystem, Space and Time
  • Jack O’Holleran, Co-Founder & CEO, SKALE Network

Venue: Edge & Node House of Web3
Building 103, Presidio, San Francisco, 94129


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