Breathe! Convention 2023 — September 13-15, 2023

BREATHE! Convention is an emerging tech event designed to empower you to learn, apply, and thrive.

This event is 100% backed by passionate, community-involved Investors, founders, developers, and dducators from industries that include Web3, AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, AR/VR, NFT technology, and more.

Speakers include:

  • Aaron Vick, Web3 Evangelist, AaronV
  • Alex Rozman, SVP, Global Head of Compliance, Polygon
  • Crimsonclad, Operations, Hive Blockchain
  • Crypto WendyO, Host/Founder, The O Show
  • Dan Nuñez Cohen, VP, Policy and Regulatory Affairs,
  • Darcy Donavan, Founder, Stardawgs NFT
  • De’Schzunell Catlin, Co-Founder, Equity Space Alliance Inc.
  • Lori Rodriguez, President, Women in Tech US
  • Naga Samineni, Co-Founder, MetaKeep
  • Robin Chinn, Program Management Lead, Google

Venue: World Market Center
Las Vegas, NV, USA


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