Local time: Timezone: (UTC-04:00) Eastern Daylight Time (US & Canada)Date: Sep 20 2023Time: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Location: Kilroy Square, 1492 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA


Boston Blockchain Week 2023

Boston Blockchain Week is the preeminent annual community and ecosystem development event celebrating the founders, developers, investors, and collaborators that make up the global blockchain and Web3 hub that is Greater Boston.

The event delivers top quality content and education while promoting purposeful networking and collaboration.

Speakers include:

  • Adrian Hale, Director, Foundry Deploy, Foundry
  • Aidan Yeaw, COO, NODE40
  • Alex Nason, Web3 Strategy, Puma
  • Thomas Koch, Mayor, City of Quincy
  • Austin Campbell, Managing Partner, Zero Knowledge Consulting
  • Dr. Kwamie Dunbar, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Finance, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Kate Lipper-Garabedian, State Representative, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Carl Cleanthes, Founder, Epic Made
  • David Paredes, Co-founder & CEO, SkyNess Studios
  • David Hsu, Investor, BreedVC
  • Emre Şarbak, Co-Founder, Patika
  • Ian Cain, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, QUBIC Labs
  • Lauren Wixom, Founder, Wixom Media Solutions
  • Isabela Bagi, Co-Founder, GrantFin
  • Jessica Van Meir, Co-Founder & COO, MintStars
  • Joe Ciccolo, Founder, BitAML
  • Jon Woodard, CEO, Wolfram Blockchain
  • Justin Nadile, Founding Partner, Blockwise Advisors
  • Keli Callaghan, Partner, Chief Growth Officer, Arrington Capital
  • Matthew Walsh, General Partner, Castle Island Ventures
  • Mike Levine, CEO, Mystic Moose
  • Nic Carter, General Partner, Castle Island Ventures
  • Pietro Poretti, Director of Economic Promotion, City of Lugano, Switzerland
  • Samuel Sewall, CTO, AVALON
  • Shirley Leung, Business Columnist & Associate Editor, The Boston Globe
  • Thomas Hook, Global Chief Compliance Officer, Moonpay
  • Jack Diefenback, Boston Guild Leader, Polygon Technology
  • Tim Tully, Co-Founder & CEO, ZelCore Technologies
  • Rudy Dogum, Host, Wholesome Crypto
  • Tom Grant, Co-Founder, GrantFin
  • Mari Tomunen, Corporate Counsel, Flipside Crypto
  • Brandon Wolf, Vice President, Technical Business Strategy, Algorand
  • Bill Ramos, Creator & Founder, Dungeon Miners
  • Emily Williams, Senior Software Engineer, Uniswap
  • Matt Melbourne, Senior Director, Republic

Venue: Kilroy Square
1492 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA, USA


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