Blockchainsation — June 22, 2021

Virtual Experience that you didn’t had before…

  • Exceptional speakers
  • Hands on explanations and demonstrations on exhibition booths via video calls
  • Get in touch with any attendees, speakers or exhibitors
  • Don’t have a concrete question? Join a group conversation and learn from others
  • Multiple stages in parallel so you can select which topic is of your best interest
  • A competition with awesome rewards for your actions

In this event attendees will have a chance to get a detailed view on what exactly is happening in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world lately.

  • Which stage of bull run are we in?
  • Will DeFi solutions replace banks or will banks start using them?
  • Are NFT’s just another solution that got hyped or a real replacement for all collectibles?
  • Who is using cold wallets if everyone is staking on exchanges?
  • WHow soon can we expect companies having business processes fully implemented on blockchain (If at all)?
  • Are taxation and ban announcements just another distraction for hiding “the real business” or are they a real threat?
  • …and much, much more.

Event will be happening on multiple stages, so it will be easy to select a theme that is of attendee’s best interest.

Large role in event dynamics will be provided by event partners and exhibitors who will showcase their products and solutions and provide detailed information about it, so everyone will have a chance to get their questions answered directly from the experts.

Blockchainsation will provide a possibility to connect with other attendees, exhibitors and also speakers.

Besides all that, the goal is, that after event, every –ones words will be “Well, this was really more than a conference”.

Speakers TBA