Blockchain Hub Davos 2023 — January 16-19, 2023

The Blockchain Hub Davos 2023, powered by CasperLabs & CV Labs, takes place during the week of The World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting, January 2023.

For one week of the year, Davos hosts a gathering of the world’s most influential politicians, business leaders, and representatives of civil society, culture, and science.

Situated in the heart of Davos, the Blockchain Hub Davos hosts a global audience from a variety of industries with the goal of facilitating discussions, creating new partnerships and educating global influencers. The Hub enables people to convene, learn, share and illustrate how blockchain is a key driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Daniel Risch, Prime Minister, Government Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Abhishek Pitti, CEO, IBC Media
  • Olaf Hannemann, Co-Founder & CIO, CV VC
  • Mrinal Manohar, Co-Founder & CEO, CasperLabs
  • Faryar Shirzad, Chief Policy Officer, Coinbase
  • Brittany Kaiser, Chair of the Board, Gryphon Digital Mining
  • Anthony Scaramucci, Founder & Managing Partner, SkyBridge Capital
  • Brock Pierce, CEO, Helios
  • Andrea Abrams, Founder, Phygicode,
  • Michael Casey, Chief Content Officer, CoinDesk
  • Alex Kelly, Founder & CEO, MAKE
  • Charles Okochu, Senior Business Development Manager, Amazon Managed Blockchain
  • Shyam Nagarajan, Executive Partner, Web3 & Sustainability, IBM
  • Naeem Aslam, Columnist, NASDAQ
  • Dirk Klee, CEO, Bitcoin Suisse
  • Leann Pinto, President, IPwe
  • Marc Degen, Board Member, CasperLabs
  • Nitin Gaur, Managing Director, State Street Digital
  • Cory Pugh, CEO, BridgeTower Capital
  • Daniela Barbosa, Executive Director & General Manager Blockchain and Identity at Hyperledger Foundation & Linux Foundation
  • Dr. Martin Hiesboeck, Head of Research, Uphold
  • James Glasscock, Head of Ecosystem, Reserve Protocol
  • Julien Bouteloup, Founder, Stake Capital Group
  • Megan Klimen, Founding Director, Filecoin
  • Zorrik Voldman, CEO, Deepwaters

Due to limited capacity of the space, the program area will be accessible by invitation only. However, the full program will be livestreamed via YouTube. By ordering a livestream ticket, you will receive the YouTube link as soon as it is created.

The networking area is open to the public and access will be granted according to the space capacity.


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