Local time: Timezone: (UTC) GMT (Edinburgh, London)Date: Mar 26 2024Time: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Location: SCI, Belgrave Square SW1X 8PS, London


Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Web3 Conference 2024

Big Picture Insight (BPI) is hosting its inaugural Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Web3 Conference 2024, held 26th – 27th March 2024 at the SCI in Belgrave Square, London.

The inexorable rise of blockchain technology is transforming the geopolitical, macroeconomic, and intersocietal situation at alarming speed. Most unavoidable is the global introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs): 11 countries have launched them, 54 countries are either in a pilot or active development stage, and another 46 countries are researching their use.

Notably, every member of the G20 and BRICs are developing CBDCs, suggesting their adoption as a global norm is a question of when rather than if. Industries and commercial banks are utilising blockchain technology in logistics and finance. The evolution of the internet into its Web3 iteration is already underway, and over 400 million people use cryptocurrencies across the globe, with a total market cap of over $2 trillion.

Every business, organisation and individual is increasingly impacted by these developments, and the introduction of CBDCs is a disruptive certainty. BPIs Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Web3 Conference 2024 is the first to comprehensively analyse the key trends, risks, and opportunities of these developments in both an integrated manner and with an interdisciplinary approach.

The conference will focus on global developments at the geostrategic, economic, and technological level to enable our delegates and their organisations to mitigate risks, understand emerging trends and seize opportunities. They are furthermore held under the Chatham House Rule to not only ensure frank and honest discussion, but also to ensure quality information delivery to delegates free from bias and sponsorship and to provide an invaluable forum for the key stakeholders and experts on our panels.

The conference is aimed at key decision makers, senior executives, and specialists within their field, with most delegates drawn from finance, industry, banking, security, the third sector and the blockchain and digital asset space. To encourage intimate discussion and networking opportunities, the conference is currently limited to 150 delegates.

Speakers include:

  • Ahmed Amer, CEO, Emurgo Africa
  • Albi Rodriguez Jaramillo, IDB Lab Senior Advisor; Head Of LACCHAIN Ecosystems
  • Anita Bielicka, Associate, S-RM
  • Elise Soucie, Director Of Global Policy & Regulatory Affairs, Global Digital Finance
  • Elzira Batyrbekova, Financial Crime Prevention
  • Emma Joyce, Senior Managing Director, GBBC Financial Services
  • Gregory Klumov, CEO & Founder, Stasis
  • Jennifer Lassiter, Executive Director, The Digital Dollar Project
  • Dr Jonas Gross, Co-Founder And Chairman, Digital Euro Association
  • Lorna Hutchman, Head Of Marketing EMEA, Talos
  • Mariana De La Roche Wills, Director, Validvent; Board Member, INATBA
  • Menno Broos, Project Lead Digital Euro, De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Michela Silvestri, Digital Assets Advocate
  • Monika Godek, Global Commercial And Business Development Director, Lukka
  • Paolo Bortolin, Plan ₿ Team, City Of Lugano

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