Bitcoin Munich: Mining Basics + Stratum V2 – February 21, 2021

Sunday, February 21
08:00 PM CET

Bitcoin Munich community is a loosely structured group of enthusiasts, developers, students, entrepreneurs, techies, hackers, activists, artists and other folks.

The motivation of this group is the free sharing of knowledge and information, rooted in FOSS culture (Free and Open Source Software). Thus, Bitcoin Munich also likes to examine economic, political and social consequences this technology might bring, emanating from the cypherpunk roots of the individual’s right to privacy and informational self-determination.

On Sunday, February 21, Bitcoin Munich will be joined by Daniela Brozzoni, developer at Braiins / Slush Pool, for a session about Bitcoin mining.

There’ll be two parts: First we’ll learn about or recap some mining basics, with the opportunity for some discussions. After a little break we’ll take a more detailed look into the Stratum V2 protocol which is hoped to achieve better decentralization.

Language: English

Target Audience: First part is suited for newcomers, second part will be for more advanced Bitcoin followers, but may also be interesting for a more general audience with strong background in distributed systems and network protocols.

Streaming/Recording: Yes

As a YouTube stream, or you can join via Jitsi Meet (ordinary video conferencing functionality; easier) or via the Mozilla Hubs (VR environment; more possibilities of interaction) (we’ll connect these platforms with each other). Both are Free and Open Source Software, non-profit, respect and preserve your privacy, don’t collect any unnecessary data, don’t require any login/registration, and simply run in your web browser without any downloads.

About Satoshi’s 21:

This is an in-depth, no-nonsense seminar series Satoshi’s 21, which will take place every 21st of a month in various different locations (hackspace, co-working space, conference room, or similar), or online if circumstances so require.

We’ll have one or more selected topics concerning Bitcoin’s technology, security, ongoing software development, business opportunities and challenges, economics, monetary theory, or its societal and political impact. Some preparation work might be required from participants in order to make the most out of the seminar.

Satoshi’s 21 stands for:
– Every 21st of a month so that weekdays rotate
– 21 participants is the targeted and ideal working group size, but we could be more, we could be fewer
– And of course: honoring Bitcoin’s monetary supply of 21 hundred trillion sats!

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