BitBucks Event: Bitcoin Hood Stuttgart! Accept Bitcoin with BitBucks

October 28, 2020 – Stuttgart – Ready to experience the future of digital and mobile payments today? Then become a part of the Stuttgart Bitcoin hood together with BitBucks and accept BTC in your store. In our upcoming event we want to convince Stuttgart’s gastronomes and merchants of our vision and the BitBucks Bitcoin Wallet.

To integrate Bitcoin as a means of payment into everyday life all over the world: that is our vision at BitBucks. With our Bitcoin Wallet for iOS and Android, we offer an cost-effective, fast and simple payment alternative that paves the way for both customers and merchants to tomorrow’s mobile and contactless payments. But there are still many doubts and misconceptions about Bitcoin and payments in retail.

That’s why we want to clarify open questions in a Meet-Up at our headquarters in Stuttgart and convince merchants on site of our innovative payment app. Due to the current situation around COVID-19, the MeetUp will of course take place in compliance with the Corona regulation of the state of Baden-Württemberg and will also be available via Facebook livestream.

More information about the event on 02.11.2020 can be found here.

Merchants ask, BitBucks answers

In the context of the upcoming event we at BitBucks will show how simply our Bitcoin Wallet works in everyday life, what merchants have to do to bring BitBucks to their own cash registers and why one should give cashless and contactless payments with Bitcoin a chance, especially in difficult times like these. If you are unable to attend the event live, simply write us your questions by e-mail.

We at BitBucks will answer all open questions and thus remove even the last doubts about Bitcoin as a real means of payment. Whether restaurants, bakeries, hairdressing salons, bars or other local businesses – together with merchants and restaurateurs we turn the Stuttgart city center into a modern Bitcoin hood!

Bitcoin in retail: The BitBucks mission

Bitcoin is the money of the Internet, the currency of the future. Especially in times of crisis, we at BitBucks are convinced that an alternative means of payment is necessary to make digital and mobile payments available to everyone. With our Instant Payment App we make it possible to pay instantly and easily with Bitcoin. Thanks to its technical basis, BitBucks can even be connected to various POS systems, which is why the Bitcoin Wallet is ideal for use in retail.