Berlinverse 2022 — December 6-7, 2022

Berlinverse 2022

Berlinverse will showcase the Future of the Internet, Web3, Metaverse, NFTs, GameFI, Collectibles, Music & Digital Art/ Generative Art.

You, as our audience, will explore, discover, and uncover a lot of amazing businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, and hidden treasures on two thrilling levels at NOTAGALLERY, a vibrant space in the heart of Berlin where artists of all disciplines and mediums can meet, connect, and support each other.

Speakers include:

  • Sebastien Borget, The Sanbox
  • Nicolas Weber, MetaGameHub DAO
  • Lukas Hüttis, NFT / Web3 Coaching
  • Leo Hilse, STYLE Protocol
  • Rebekka Revel NFT Club Berlin
  • Mathias Hermansen, GamerPay
  • Vanessa Schäfer, Female Pleasure Society
  • Dajana Eder, wom3n.DAO
  • Christian Heeg, DevelopX
  • Tracy Chang, Tradelite Solutions / Mogaland
  • David Peng, W3bmint
  • Florian Zawodsky, EY
  • Heinrich Wilking, Riscoverse
  • Norman Wiese, Uncap
  • Ania Pilipenko,

Potsdamer Str. 124
Berlin, Germany


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