Baltic HoneyBadger 2022 — September 3-4, 2022

Baltic HoneyBadger 2022

Baltic HoneyBadger, the biggest European conference dedicated to Bitcoin and the technologies built around it, is back in Riga, Latvia, in September 2022!

Baltic HoneyBadger is part of Riga Bitcoin Week, a festival dedicated to Bitcoin development and adoption that will feature various entertainment, educational, and networking events.

BH2022 – Day 1
The first day of the conference will cover presentations and panels about the most critical topics for Bitcoin’s development, host an open microphone stage where the new ideas will be born and presented and will end with an afterparty where all attendees will have a chance to meet our speakers in an informal atmosphere.

BH2022 – Day 2
The second day of the conference will become a culmination of Riga Bitcoin Week 2022, which will highlight the essential intakes and ideas, hosting some of your favorite speakers during panels and fireside chats.

Speakers include:

  • Adam Back, CEO, Blockstream
  • Michael Saylor, Chairman, MicroStrategy (remotely)
  • Jack Mallers, Founder & CEO, Strike (remotely)
  • Samson Mow, Architect of Bitcoin bonds
  • Giacomo Zucco, Bitcoin cultist
  • Marty Bent, Host of Tales from the Crypt
  • Matt Odell, Host of Tales from the Crypt
  • Peter McCormack, Host of What Bitcoin Did
  • Peter Todd, Bitcoin Developer
  • Sergio Demian Lerner, Chief Scientist, IOV Labs
  • Max Kei, CEO, Hodl Hodl
  • John Carvalho, CEO, Synonym
  • Oleg Mikhalsky, Partner at Fulgur Ventures
  • Grant Gilliam, Managing partner at Ten31
  • Igor Korsakov, CEO, Bluewallet
  • Luna, Host, Lunaticoin podcast
  • Stephan Livera, Host of SLP
  • Ben Perrin, Host of BTC Sessions
  • Rigel Walshe, Engineer at Swan Bitcoin
  • Josie, Bitcoin Core Developer
  • Dan Held, Bitcoin Entrepreneur
  • Pavol Rusnak, Co-founder, SatoshiLabs & Trezor
  • Knut Svanholm, Bitcoin author
  • Anita Posch, Bitcoin advocate and podcaster
  • Max Hillebrand, Free Software Entrepreneur
  • Adam Ficsor, Co-founder, Wasabi Wallet
  • Eric Voskuil, Libbitcoin Maintainer & Author of Cryptoeconomics
  • wiz, Сo-founder of
  • Michel ‘ketominer’ L., Founder at Nodl
  • Steph, Swiss bitcoiner
  • Nicolas Dorier, BTCPay Server Emperor
  • Olga Ukolova, Co-Founder, LNP/BP Standards Association
  • Michael Jarmuz, Co-Founder, Lightning️ Ventures
  • Ben Price, CEO, The Bitcoin Company
  • Desiree Dickerson, CEO, THNDR Games
  • Adem Bilican, Co-founder & CTO,
  • Mike Chobanian, Founder, KUNA
  • Allen Farrington, Bitcoin writer and investor
  • Alex Svetski, Bitcoin Occultist
  • Paul Storzc, Independent Bitcoiner
  • Andriy Velykyy, CEO, Allbridge
  • Riccardo Giorgio Frega, Host of Bitcoin Italia Podcast
  • Maximiliano Carjuzaa, Co-founder, Money On Chain
  • Aaron van Wirdum, OG at Bitcoin Magazine
  • Matthew Mezinskis, Host of Crypto Voices podcast
  • Vlad Costea, Creator of the Bitcoin Takeover project
  • Andi Pitt, Director, Ego Death Capital


Venue: Fantadroms
Rīga, Latvia

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