5 Reasons Why PEGA Pool is Making Headlines

January 24, 20233 — Anyone who’s anyone in the crypto industry has heard of PEGA Pool by now, an eco-friendly mining pool that’s on a mission to offset the damage that’s been caused by Bitcoin miners for more than a decade now.

But what’s got the global crypto community so excited, and why have over 2,000 Bitcoin miners already signed up for their waiting list?

Ahead of their highly anticipated launch set for the first quarter of 2023, here are 5 reasons why PEGA Pool is taking the world by storm – and why you should care.

1. Their Infrastructure is Solid

As if Bitcoin miners aren’t struggling enough to make a living with the nosediving Bitcoin price and rising hash rates, if anything goes wrong with a network’s architecture, they’ll be trapped in the trenches of costly downtime. But this concern becomes obsolete with PEGA Pool. Thanks to the mining pool’s incredibly durable architecture, regular performance maintenance, and ongoing repairs, Bitcoin miners can keep solving their cryptic maths equations worry-free. PEGA Pool’s stratum servers are also strategically located all across the world for their members’ peace of mind.

2. They’re Planting Trees

Undoubtedly the biggest concern about Bitcoin mining is the amount of computational power it demands, which burns a lot of electricity (AKA, fossil fuels), which releases harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. By planting trees, we can offset this damage. In fact, with almost 85,000 trees already planted by PEGA Pool thus far, this offset is already as high as 2,263T.

3. They’re British

While many Bitcoin mining pools in the world are headquartered in shady locations across the United States or China, PEGA Pool is run and operated by a UK-based team on British soil. While their crew of talent is scattered in strategic locations across the world, PEGA Pool always has been – and always will be – based in the United Kingdom.

4. They’re Helping Miners Make Ends Meets

PEGA Pool is helping to lift the financial burden for Bitcoin miners everywhere by giving them significant reductions in pool fees. In fact, those who register for early access will be eligible for a 50% membership cost reduction for life. BETA testers qualify for 100% off during the mining pool’s pre-launch stage. A huge relief for miners, what with the Bitcoin price having hit depressing record lows this past month.

5. They’re Well-Established

Granted, PEGA Pool’s eco-friendly mining pool hasn’t even officially launched yet – but their mining pool was already ranked 13th on the planet by BTC.com. This status is only expected to improve the more the PEGA Pool army dominates the global crypto industry.

For more on PEGA Pool or to secure one of the very last seats available in the waiting list, visit www.PEGA-Pool.com right now. You’ll also find live stats from trees planted to blocks mined, total BTC mined, and so much more. Pool fees for miners using renewable energy will be set at 1%, while those who aren’t using green energy just yet will pay fees set at 2%.