October 7-8, 2020 | UNLOCK Blockchain Forum

UNLOCK Blockchain 2020 Forum will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE . 2020 forum will be the third series of UNLOCK, UNLOCK has been an integral part of the blockchain ecosystem in the region as it sheds light on what is being done in Blockchain across the MENA region and specifically in the GCC.

Venue: TBA

UNLOCK has also been a strong proponent for international and regional blockchain startups. In 2020 UNLOCK Blockchain forum we will be holding the first UNLOCK Blockchain challenge with prizes to top three startups ranging from $15,000 to $5,000. The challenge is open to all startups participating at UNLOCK either through a stand or the UNLOCK Startup ecosystem sponsorship.

Our focus in 2020 will be on the success stories in the MENA region whether governmental, financial, health, and others. We will also discuss the tokenization movement including Security token offerings across the board and the rise of crypto exchanges in the MENA region.

Main topics

  • Will enterprise Blockchains give way to Public blockchain ecosystems?
  • The rise of tokens and Stablecoins, examples include Facebook, JPMorgan and Central Banks
  • Blockchain and the basic building block Digital Identity
  • Blockchain in the Oil and Gas industry Tokenizing the Hydrocarbon
  • MENA Fintech scene today and how crypto and blockchain are rising stars
  • Crypto Exchanges in MENA and the regulatory environment behind it
  • Governments and Blockchain how transparent and efficient can they get
  • Blockchain platforms mushroom around us, how do we choose?
  • Investing in Blockchain startups where is the MENA region today
  • The Rise of Security token offerings in MENA and globally
  • Making Blockchain accessible to everyone BaaS
  • Quantum computing and the Blockchain
  • Lessons learned on Governance model for Blockchain consortiums
  • AI and the Blockchain

Without a good challenge, you can never expand and grow. UNLOCK is opening up its forum and platform to Blockchain startups across the MENA region and globally to participate in the UNLOCK Blockchain challenge. This will be a great opportunity for startups to expose their solutions in the MENA meet with investors and potential clients. In addition, startups will enhance their media exposure as well as brand equity, in addition to the chance for financial gain.

Speakers: TBA

Website: unlock-bc.com/events/unlock/2020

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