Top Five Crypto Events to Attend in May 2022

April 30, 2022 — The month of May offers a unique agenda when it comes down to events in the crypto space, with a lot to choose from, and a lot to be excited with.


MIT Bitcoin Expo 2022 — May 7-8, 2022

MIT Bitcoin Expo 2022

Cambridge, MA, USA

The MIT Bitcoin Club is a student-run organization open to all enthusiasts. Its stated mission is to increase awareness about cryptocurrency, improve on its use-cases and provide an open forum where blockchain related ideas, projects, programs, and businesses can be studied, discussed, and developed.

With this goal in mind, the club has organized the MIT Bitcoin Expo — a two day conference focused on all things Bitcoin and distributed ledger technology — every year since 2014.

This year, the MIT Bitcoin Expo will also be hosting a startup pitch competition in front of a panel of judges from leading companies and investment firms in the crypto space, a hackathon focusing on building out the components of a blockchain stack, and a Women’s Networking Event.

Some notable speakers include Michael Saylor, Chairman & CEO of MicroStrategy, Silvio Micali, MIT Professor and founder of Algorand, Sam Bankman-Fried, founder & CEO of FTX, Andrew Poelstra, Director of Research at Blosktream, and many more.

Tickets range from $50 for students to $150, while those not able to attend in person will ve able to watch the livestream.


Security Token Summit 2022 — May 16, 2022

Security Token Summit 2022

New York, NY, USA

Hosted by blockchain venture studio Draper Goren Holm, the Security Token Summit is a high-end, security token & digital securities focused event bringing together the biggest names, brightest minds, trailblazers and innovators who are actively shaping this industry.

It features a robust agenda spanning a variety of themes such as custody, compliance, regulation, investing, marketing, tokenization, standards, issuance, and real estate.

Some big names on stage include Anthony Scaramucci, Founder & Managing Partner of SkyBridge, Tim Draper, a long-time Bitcoin bull and founder of Draper Associates, Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City, Jay Clayton, former chairman of the SEC, lAmi Ben-David, CEO at Ownera, Brooke Shields, Actress, Model, Author and Entrepreneur, and Lou Kerner, Partner at Blockchain Coinvestors.

According to the organizers, the general admission tickets are already sold out, and they are now accepting applications for the remaining last-minute delegate tickets, priced at $2,000. See the website for more details.


Permissionless 2022 — May 17-19, 2022

Palm Beach, FL, USA

Hosted by Blockworks, Permissionless 2022 is marketed as “the largest Metaverse and DeFi event in history,” with more than 5,000 visitors expected to be in attendance.

The conference is organized into three separate tracks to serve a diverse mix of builders, developers, artists, gamers and investors, and will also host a massive onsite NFT gallery, with art from some of the best digital creators out there.

The lineup for the Permissionless 2022 is quite impressive and really too long to list here — just see some of the names!

Every two weeks, 250 tickets unlock. Once 250 tickets are purchased, registration closes and you’ll have to wait until the next release. The next release is on May 1st and prices increase to $1,491.


Bitcoin Pizza Day Conference 2022 — May 21, 2022

Bitcoin Pizza Day Conference 2022

Paralelni Polis, Prague, Czech Republic

The legendary Bitcoin pizza transaction marks an important moment in the history of libre digital money.

A small step, signalizing the birth of a whole era. It’s been 12 years since Bitcoin stepped into the world of payment networks for physical goods and opened the gates for the creation of a global parallel economy. Since then, we have experienced rather exponential growth in this new financial world. From a small community of cypherpunks and hackers, Bitcoin grew into a phenomenon with today’s mainstream recognition.

Held at the iconic Paralelni Polis in Prague, Bitcoin Pizza Day Conference aims to bridge the atmosphere of Bitcoin’s early days to the present by creating an open space for discussion and inspiration without political or economical dogmas.

Come to learn about using Bitcoin in your business or personal finances, the background of the cypherpunk and the current cryptoanarchy subculture, as well as to discuss sustainability, long-term effectiveness, and their limitations.

This one-day event speakers include Amir Taaki, Bitcoin OG, anarchist, and hacktivist, Sergej Kotliar, CEO & Founder of Bitrefill, Daniella Brozzoni, Bitcoin Developer, Joerg Platzer, Co-Founder of Berlin’s Room77, Aaron van Wirdum, a renown Bitcoin journalist, and John Carvalho, CEO of Synonym.

Tickets are priced at a gentle 100 Euro, see details at the event’s official website.


Israel Crypto Conference 2022 — May 23-25, 2022

Israel Crypto Conference 2022

Tel Aviv, Israel

After the sold-out conference in December 2021, the Israel Crypto Conference will be held on May 23rd, 24th and 25th, gathering over 600 leaders in the industry talking about new and innovative solutions.

Hosted by the Israel Crypto Community, the event will begin virtually on May 23rd, with international partners joining to network and view video content.

On May 24th and 25th, a physical event will take place in Tel Aviv that will be live-streamed around the world!

The conference will have two simultaneous avenues for you to choose from: one held in the lovely ZOA House theater in Tel Aviv for panels and presentations, and a separate workshop for builders and developers.

Speakers include:

  • Orit Farkash Hacohen, Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology
  • Maria Luisa Hayem, Minister of Economy of El Salvador
  • Jeff Pulver, CEO & Chairman, Jeff Pulver Entertainment
  • Alex Mashinsky, CEO, Celsius Network
  • Ariel Shapira, CEO, Social Wisdom
  • Ran Neuner, CEO, Onchain Capital; Founder,
  • Mark Smargon, CEO,
  • Guy Zyskind, Founder and CEO, SCRT Labs

and more…

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