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An Authority on Quantum Computers Speaks at Techfin Asia 2019

Techfin Asia 2019 seems to be aiming at discovering just how far the disruptive technologies can go in today’s developed financial sector.

Techfin Asia, the 1st Premier Techfin Conference to Take Place in Seoul, Korea, December 5-6, 2019

It’s always best to have an opportunity to explore the latest trends and technology of techfin and blockchain in one place at a time. Techfin Asia, the 1st premier techfin conference in APAC region, takes place on December 5-6, 2019 Read more…

December 5-6, 2019 | TechFin Asia 2019

TechFin Asia is a global premier event for entrepreneurs, developers, investors and policymakers together to discuss the future of blockchain and techfin innovations. TechFin Asia will play a key role in realizing all techfin innovations and visions where consumers and Read more…