October 7-9, 2019 | Symposium on Securing The IoT – Greater Boston

As the world continues to become more connected, 20+ Billion IoT devices, protecting our devices and systems is critical. Connected devices (vehicles, computers, phones, industrial systems, personal assistants, homes, etc.), user identity, privacy and authentication all need to be protected. As hacking, phishing, DDOS and ransomware attacks occur on a daily basis, one thing is certain: Securing The Internet of Things is crucial to our survival!

Venue TBA

This event is packed with presentations on such topics as:​

Secure Medical & Healthcare systems
Smart Cities, buildings & Autonomous Vehicles
Industrial IoT Security
Secure Payments & Transactions
Authenticating Blockchain, Bitcoin and Smart Contracts
Current Challenges and Prospects for the Industrial Revolution 4.0
Standardization of IoT Security
Securing Consumer IoT
AI, ML & Big Data
PKI & Privacy Needs

Speakers TBA

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