Sub0 Online 2021 — October 13-14, 2021

Sub0 Online brings together Substrate developers and learners of all experience levels for two days of in-depth talks and workshops on the blockchain framework for building custom Polkadot-compatible blockchains.

Hear from Gavin Wood, the core developers behind Substrate, as well as teams building innovative Web3 projects using the blockchain framework.

The multi-track event will have something for everyone, whether you’re new to Substrate and want to understand its potential or are an experienced builder looking to take your project to the next level.

Get the latest insights into Substrate and the future of the ecosystem, improve your technical skills, and leave inspired from connecting with like-minded Web3 builders.

Speakers include:

  • Gavin Wood, Parity Technologies
  • Alexander Popiak, Parity Technologies
  • Benjamin Weiß, Parity Technologies
  • Björn Wagner, Parity Technologies
  • Erin Grasmick, Parity Technologies
  • Alan Sapède, Moonbeam
  • Alex Siman, Subsocial by DappForce
  • Bryan Chen, Acala Network
  • Daniel Thomas, Unique Network
  • Frederik Schulz, Centrifuge
  • Joe Petrowski, Web3 Foundation
  • Joshy Orndorff, Moonbeam
  • Witek Radomski, Enjin

To learn more about the conference please visit