REIMAGINE 2020 v5.0 Happy Hodl Days | December 6, 2020

REIMAGINE 2020 is The World’s Largest Blockchain Education Event With Our Network of 100+ Universities and Partners

REIMAGINE 2020 invites you to heat up a plate of Turkey-day leftovers, grab your peppermint lattes, and snuggle up to the virtual campfire to countdown the LAST MONTH left of the wild ride that has been 2020…

There’s no doubt it’s been a tough year on multiple levels: Covid-shutdowns, economic downturns, and socio-political conflicts have made it more difficult than ever to connect with our crypto-family.

However, despite the ups and downs the blockchain community has continued to make progress towards a financial revolution. And we’ve found new ways of doing business and sharing knowledge along the way.

On December 6, REIMAGINE 2020 will be wishing a Happy HODLdays to all of our viewers, interviewees, and the students, innovators, and industry leaders who are really making a difference in the blockchain space. We’ll be releasing 30+ exclusive interviews looking at the year so far, and what we can expect and hope for as 2020 draws to a close.

Don’t miss out on 72-hours of live content bringing together the talent, industry and infrastructure that has made 2020 a great year for crypto.

Speakers include:

  • Roger Ver, Founder of
  • John Jeffries, Chief Financial Analyst, CipherTrace
  • Dan Held, Growth Lead, Kraken
  • Rena Shah, Business Development, Binance.US
  • Gin Chao, Strategy Officer, Binance
  • David Moss, Co-Founder and CEO, StrongBlock
  • Joshua Frank, Co-Founder and CEO, The TIE
  • Corey Caplan, Partner, DMM
  • Alex Wearn, Co-Founder & CEO, IDEX
  • Emin Gün Sirer, Founder & CEO, Avalanche
  • Humayun Sheikh, CEO & Founder,
  • Mark Yusko, Founder, CEO and CIO, Morgan Creek Capital Management

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