Open Web Community Summit 2021 – May 14, 2021

Open Web Community Summit 2021 is a 1-day open web, protocol agnostic summit for creators & communities that will be focused on:

  • NFTs
  • Social Tokens
  • DAOs

Speakers include:

  • Dir. Schmidt, Head of Video & Multimedia, Defiant
  • Erik Trautman, CEO, Near Foundation
  • Beatriz Ramos, Founder,
  • Ian Lee, Co-Founder, IDEO Co-Lab Ventures
  • Linda Xie, Co-Founder, Scalar Capital
  • Erick Pinos, President, Blockchain Edu Network (BEN)
  • Scott Moore, Co-Founder, Gitcoin
  • Nate Geier, CTO, MintBase

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