NFT Fest Australia — September 30, 2021


There’s no rabbit hole more exciting than the rainbow charged wonderland of Australia’s first NFT Fest!

Join information fuelled rooms with world leading speakers dedicated to getting the creative juices flowing.

Don’t miss your chance to:

  • Learn how to create, sell, store and use NFT’s
  • Be immersed in the NFT, metaverse, gaming and collectibles ecosystems
  • Wrap your mind around the meme economy
  • Ride the wave of NFT economics
  • Hear from one of the hottest global NFT projects with the World Of Women
  • Freshen up on protocols
  • Up-skill yourself with demonstrations
  • Deep dive into the new flavours of crypto
  • Fast track your way to an NFT strategy

Speakers include: 

  • Gauthier Zuppinger, Co-Founder,
  • Chloe White, Managing Director, Genesis Block
  • Steve Vallas, CEO, Blockchain Australia
  • Senator Andrew Bragg, Liberal Senator for New South Wales
  • Caroline Bowler, CEO, BTC Markets
  • Yam Karkai, Creator & Artist, World of Women
  • Kieran Warwick, Co-Founder, Illuvium
  • Richelle Cox, Co-Founder, NFT Fest
  • Journey Li, Social Media & Digital Marketing,
  • Joni Pirovich, Founder & Director, Blockchain & Digital Assets
  • Adam McBride, The Original NFT Archeologist
  • Sebastián Brocher, Founder, CryptoArte