METACO TALKS: The Politics and Economics of DeFi with Michel Rauchs | January 8, 2021

Interest, use cases and market opportunities are all exploding. To help navigate this complex and burgeoning market, METACO, a leading digital asset custody provider, has set up a series of live interviews with the people who are shaping its future: the entrepreneurs building the next generation of unicorns, the VCs backing them, the engineers creating the infrastructure on which these markets depend, the regulators regulating them, the influencers shaping them and more.

On January 8th, the guest is Michel Rauchs, Research Affiliate at Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance and Managing Director at Paradigma, a Luxembourg-based advisory firm on distributed ledgers and digital assets.

Michel is a researcher and consultant focused on digital assets, distributed consensus systems (a.k.a. blockchain or DLT), and monetary/financial systems.

His work and occasional commentary on blockchain-related topics have been featured media outlets such as the BBC, The Times, CNN, The Independent, Der Spiegel, NPR, Reuters, and others.

Topics for discussion:

  • 3rd Global Cryptoasset Benchmarking Study results
  • Economic effects of digital assets
  • Geopolitics of cryptocurrency
  • What other fields other than finance will be influenced by crypto tech

The host: Seamus Donoghue, Vice President Sales & Business Development at METACO
When: Friday, 8th of January, at 10:30 AM CET
Where: Zoom Online
What: Interactive session with plenty of time for Q&A


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