Making the Most of the 2021 Crypto Boom

January 17, 2021
100x Crypto Investors Summit

The excitement is in the air.  Bitcoin has surpassed all-time highs and retail interest in Bitcoin continues to surge.  Paypal has recently opened up it’s nearly 300 million users to Bitcoin.  Robinhood, Square Cash and eToro continue to add buying pressure from their users.

Then there are the big boys.  They’re knocking on the door.  Interest from major institutions in the past few months and year has been unprecedented.  Microstrategy has put a significant portion of its corporate treasury in Bitcoin. MassMutual, a 169 year old insurance company has disclosed its initial $100 million purchase.  A Blackrock bond chief has acknowledged Bitcoin’s proposition as digital gold.  So the institutional floodgate is about to open.  It may be the last opportunity for us smaller guys to get in first before the institutions start dominating.

So as Bitcoin fundamentals continue to grow strong, those who’ve been around Bitcoin for a while know that right now we’re likely in the early stages of a boom and if the future is anything like the past a price of $100k, $200k and $300k is not only possible, but perhaps probable.  And this year.

So what are you doing about it?  How active are you and the people you know who are looking for the big breakthrough in their lives?   Have you looked at your financial situation, savings, investments and reflected deeply about this coming opportunity and how can you make the most of it?  Or are you going to just stay busy or distracted and let this enormous opportunity in 2021 pass you by?

In the 100x Crypto Investor summit, we’ve gathered many great speakers in this space who can help you 100x your knowledge and make the most of the coming 2021 crypto boom.  The following is our agenda:


Vision for 2021 Keynote & Crypto Strategy

We’ll kick off the event with crypto and open source guru Miko Matsumura who is currently a General Partner at Gumi Ventures.  Miko will give us his vision for 2021 and beyond. We’ll later have a discussion with Miko to dig deeper into the most effective crypto investor strategies.  He’ll also be joined by Meir Bank, a founding partner at AngelDAO, who strives to discover the best seed stage crypto projects way before they hit it big.

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Bitcoin Fireside Chat

We’ll chat with crypto OGs Tatiana Moroz, Jonathan Chester of Bitwage, and Nako Mbelle of Stackedsats to share Bitcoin stories, lessons and experiences from the many years and cycles in the last decade and answer all things Bitcoin.

 >> Discussion Session <<


Common Crypto Questions Answered

If you’re new to the crypto space Uma from Appics will answer all the common questions people have about crypto to get you comfortable about taking the next steps or perhaps excited enough to dive in head first and go all-in.

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Ethereum for Beginners & Advanced Insights Into Eth 2.0

Kevin from Bitcoin for Beginners will switch gears to chat about Ethereum for Beginners and even give us more advanced insights about what to expect from Eth 2.0.

 >> Discussion Session <<


Uniswap & DeFi Basics

Jason Chew from Bitcoin Malaysia and Joe Buttram will introduce you to basic decentralized finance concepts as well as insights on Uniswap, the top decentralized exchange in crypto.

 >> Discussion Session <<


How to Make Money in DeFi

Joe, Parul from Snowball Money, and Meir from AngelDAO will discuss the crazy world of DeFi and how to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities from steady income strategies to those for highly speculative degens.

 >> Discussion Session <<


How to Make Money in NFTs

Sid from Roll and Anthony from Xeno NFT Hub will open up a whole new universe of investments in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that may interest those who have an eye and instinct for evaluating digital collectibles.

 >> Discussion Session <<


Crypto Trading Automation & Intelligence

Gregor from Palma, Daniel from Parsiq, and Amit from DAIX will share their thoughts on a variety of topics that can help retail and institutional traders get an edge in their trading.  These are experts in businesses with high-performance trade automation, onchain to offchain trade automation and trading intelligence tools.   Learn insights on new crypto trading strategies that can help you evolve into a crypto trading pro.

 >> Discussion Session <<


Past, Present and Predictions for Cryptocurrencies

Christian, former computer science professor, expert witness in computer science for the Superior Court of California, 25 yr entrepreneur, and long-time crypto ambassador will give us his fascinating insights about the “Past, Present and Predictions for  Cryptocurrencies.”

 >> Speaker Session <<


Crypto Fundamentals, Research & Market Insights

We’ll also hear a variety of important fundamental crypto topics including Daniel who’ll give us insights into crypto market factors and trends, Anton about crypto valuation models and Sidarth on his research experience that helps separate the quality crypto projects from the crypto scams.

 >> Discussion Session <<


Ecosystem Insights: Polkadot, Cosmos, EOS

We’ll also be joined by Cosmonaut Chjango to discuss the Cosmos Ecosystem, Tamara from D1 ventures to discuss Polkadot, Yves of EOS Nation and Top Block Producer to discuss EOS.

 >> Polkadot Discussion Session <<

 >> Cosmos Discussion Session <<

 >> EOS Discussion Session <<


Crypto Custody and Private Key Management

Alexandre discusses the latest trends in institutional custody as well as general private key management.

 >> Discussion Session <<


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Day 2 – January 20th

The second day will be hands on bootcamp workshop so you can be confident and in control of your crypto portfolio in the coming crypto boom. We’ll also share our top 5 secret undervalued gems poised to outpace the rest of the crypto market.

Workshop Details:

  • Get started with basic computer security and understand the roadmap to strong security
  • Get started with your local crypto exchanges or buy Bitcoin on the spot OTC
  • Set up an online bitcoin wallet
  • Set up two trading exchange accounts appropriate for you.
  • Learn about tax-free IRAs
  • Fundamentals of crypto
  • Set up your first balanced crypto portfolio
  • Learn about the 5 altcoin gems for 2021 and add them to your portfolio
  • Learn basic trading and technical analysis for rebalancing during the boom.
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