February 3-9, 2020 | London Bitcoin Week

London Bitcoin Week 2020 is a week long event learning and showcasing everything Bitcoin

February 4 | London Bitcoin Devs Meetup

Inspired by SF Bitcoin Devs meetup in San Francisco, a meetup for developers and aspiring developers interested in technical talks.

February 4 | Coinscrum

Coinscrum will be hosting a lively discussion focused on Bitcoin. Further details will be posted closer to the time.

February 6 | Advancing Bitcoin: Deep Dive

Advancing Bitcoin Deep Dive is a 2-hour masterclass seminar that teaches people who are new to Bitcoin, the basics they need to know to feel comfortable in their understanding of Bitcoin.

February 6-7 | Advancing Bitcoin 

The Advancing Bitcoin Developer Conference is a two-day event where developers come together to learn about the new technical developments in Bitcoin and layer 2 protocols, and hear about what other developers are working on.

The two day event is packed with talks, workshops, and networking opportunities with the best and the brightest Bitcoin developers.

Advancing Bitcoin is the only Bitcoin developer conference in Europe and our reach and reputation increases each year.

Speakers include:

  • Andrew Poelstra, Blockstream
  • Andrew Chow, Blockstream
  • Jimmy Song, Author of Programming Bitcoin
  • Stepan Snigirev, CryptoAdvance
  • Gleb Naumenko, Chaincode Labs
  • Fabian Jahr, Chaincode Residency Alumni
  • Selene Jin, Blockstream
  • Sergi Delgado, PISA Research
  • Adam Fiscor, CTO at Wasabi Wallet

Friday 7 | Advancing Bitcoin: Expo

The Advancing Bitcoin Expo is a free one-day exhibition where over 600 people come to see and explore the latest Bitcoin related products.

Website: londonbitcoinweek.com

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