Hello Decentralization – February 22-26, 2021

Hello Decentralization is a free online event and a meeting point for the community to talk and discuss decentralized technologies from a technical perspective. We aim to give a place and a voice to all the different decentralized technologies, protocols, and projects that are working around the concept of decentralization.

To start and create meaningful conversations, we have stepped out of your typical online conference. Hello Decentralization will focus on the technical aspects of the technology in different ways, such as technical talks, AMA’s, coding workshops, and meetups. No matter what’s your level in the field, you will find content that adjusts to your knowledge and allows you to keep growing.

Come and join us if you are interested to learn more about decentralization, get to know people in the community, share with the audience, start a conversation, and of course, grow the new internet together.

Speakers include:

  • Dani Marco, Director General for Innovation and Digital Economy, Government of Catalonia
  • Dr. Stefan Beyer, CEO, Cryptonics Consulting
  • Jeff McDonald, Brand Ambassador, NEM Group
  • Stephen Tse, Founder & CEO, Harmony
  • Nate Geier, CEO, Mintbase
  • Sebastián R. Wain, Co-founder & CEO, CoinFabrik
  • Alexandra Cavero, CEO, Caelum Labs
  • Dominik Schmid, Project Manager, Raiden Network
  • Joáo Gabriel Carvalho, Lead Auditor, Solidified
  • David Awad, Developer Relations, Evangelist, R3
  • David Racero, Software Developer, Aave
  • Kuba Kucharski, CPO, Golem
  • Graeme Barnes, Product Manager, Gnosis
  • Leart Ulaj, Technical Product Manager, Ava Labs

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