Global Online Investor Roadshow (GOIR) – Special Energy Series — September 27-30, 2021

Global Online Investor Roadshow (GOIR) is the next generation, institutional scale, online private placement platform for private equity, alternative investments, and digital asset opportunities. It is the biggest online investor roadshow of its kind, with the deepest reach and broadest coverage.

The next GOIR event will be hosted from September 27th to 30th, with four (4) online sessions covering (4) regions and multiple countries.

Sep 27th (Mon)
3-6 pm @ Dubai

Sep 28th (Tue)
2-5 pm @ Hong Kong

Sep 29th (Wed)
3-6 pm @ London

Sep 30th (Thur)
3-6 pm @ New York

Keynote speakers:

Gordon H. Einstein, Founding Partner of CryptoLaw Partners
Topic – Legal Frontiers of NFTs

At the beginning of his law practice, Gordon Einstein focused on startup, venture capital, investment banking, regulatory compliance, intellectual property and general business law. As an avid computer and programming hobbyist, in 2012 Gordon was intrigued by Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and all the related technologies. By 2014, he was providing legal services to several individuals and companies operating in this space. And by 2016 the majority of Gordon’s law practice at CryptoLaw Partners involved working with crypto, blockchain and FinTech startups and funds.

Eva Law, Founder & Chairman of Association of Family Offices in Asia
Topic – How Family Offices Exploring Blockchain

Dr. Eva Law is a seasoned professional in asset management, private equity and wealth management, having diversified knowledge and experience in running multi-lines of business. She specialized in serving ultra affluence and entrepreneurs, carried proven track records in creating new business and generating profits.

Paula Pettit, Chief Commercial Officer of Linum Labs
Topic – The Evolution of NFTs

Paula Pettit is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at the global blockchain consulting and development company, Linum Labs. She successfully founded and sold two startups, Parcel22 and Bitfract, the latter of which was acquired in 2018 by ShapeShift. She has worked in the industry across the US, EU, and the UK for the past 4 years and has spent the last year focusing her efforts on helping businesses transition into the NFT ecosystem.

Baxter Hines, Chief Commercial Officer of Linum Labs
Topic – Digital Finance: Security Tokens and Unlocking the Real Potential of Blockchain

Baxter Hines, CFA, is managing partner with Honeycomb Digital Investments. He co-founded the firm in 2020 to provide income producing solutions for clients. His firm manages portfolios consisting of traditional assets, security tokens and digital assets. He is the author of “Digital Finance: Security Tokens and Unlocking the Real Potential of Blockchain” (Released November 2020 by John Wiley & Sons).

Presenting Projects:

Water Cheung, Senior Principal, CEO of Asia-Pacific
Rich Glory Coin – A security token issued by a SPV with charging asset in an oil field in PRC. a 3-year tokenized secured debt – fully collateralized by production contracts on underlying oil field, with a fixed coupon payable quarterly and additional potential upside return (payable at maturity) calculated based on appreciation of BRENT crude oil spot price between the drawdown date and the maturity date of the debt.

Calvin Ducharme, Project Manager, KLMKH
Producer KLMKH is proud to offer early bird investors an exclusive opportunity to convert part of newly issued, SEC-registered as a financial instrument, KLMKH security tokens into utility tokens. KLMKH utility tokens are derivatives of KLMKH security tokens, allowing investors to be a part of KLMKH emergence as a “brown to green” energy company. KLMKH is using proceeds of token sales to fund an increase in its oil production, as well as a substantial portfolio of green energy projects.

Samson Lee, General Partner, RENE Fund
The RENE Fund is private equity fund that has been setup under the new Hong Kong Limited Partnership Fund (“LPF”) regime which offers many benefits including tax exemption, privacy of LPs and Hong Kong’s sound legal system. The first program to be unveiled is the RENE-Solar Fund. It will focus on investing in deployment and operation of solar energy facilities in Hong Kong, based on a 12-year guaranteed buy-back program with 100% energy output selling back to the main grid.

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