ETHBarcelona 2022 — July 6-8, 2022


ETHBarcelona is an experience for web3 builders, leaders, thinkers, artists and creators in general that celebrate the values of decentralization, public goods and social impact.

Each iteration of ETHBarcelona will have a different theme. This year, we’re inspired by the SolarPunk movement, and envision a world where we’re able to harness technology in a positive manner, to drive our planet forward in ways that are sustainable and ethical.

It’s time to move beyond the “sustainable” and “green” movement, and start thinking about how we can truly co-exist with the environment in a healthy and positive manner; because it’s what’s best for us as a species.

The good news is, to make the most out of ETHBarcelona, you don’t need any special skills or tools; all you need is an open mind and some creativity!

Speakers include:

  • Amir Taaki, Dark.Fi
  • Alona Shevchenko, UkraineDAO
  • Rahilla Zafar, AlteredState Machine
  • Griff Green,
  • Mona El Isa, Avantgarde Finance
  • Camila Ramos, Edge & Node
  • Scott Moore, Gitcoin
  • Nader Dabit, The Graph Protocol
  • Clara Pardo, dOrg
  • Alexander Guy, Zerion
  • Andrej Berlin, Deep Work
  • Anna Kryukova, Celo Foundation
  • Dyma Budorin, Hacken
  • James Beck, ConsenSys (MetaMask)


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