Sixth Edition of CIBTC Blockchain International Congress Lands in Alicante

CIBTC International Blockchain Congress will celebrate on November 29 and 30 its VI edition in the Auditorium of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante (MACA).

During the event, experts from such areas as Blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence will take part in various panels and workshops focused on the advances in technology.

The Congress has already made five successful editions in different Spanish cities and Andorra. It is a multicultural event that brings together presentations of technological innovations, new developments and talks of the highest academic level.

Says Fernando Molina, CTO of the Congress:

“Our greatest interest is based on bringing new disruptive technologies to all layers of society, regardless of the level of knowledge and academic training.”

As a novelty of this edition, the Congress will have panels on Sport and Environment while maintaining the ones that have had the most impact in the past editions, such as the Financial Industry, Legal, Fiscal and Privacy aspects, as well as the Women Today panel.

First level speakers, including Alberto Gómez Toriobio, Santiago de Diego, Gonzalo García Valdecasas, Raúl Jaime Maestre, Yolanda Andrés Sebastian, Vicente Ortiz and Raúl López, will conduct workshops aimed at both new and experienced users and users. These workshops are ranging from the compression of the Blockchain technology from scratch to how to manage your own Decentralized App project (DApps).

“Blockchain is much more than cryptocurrencies, just as the Internet is much more than email. However, for social networks, e-commerce and platforms such as Uber to be economically and technologically viable, it was necessary for the Internet to develop a critical mass of users and also several technological layers. The rest of the services were not possible until the email was unsuccessful and the scenario is repeated in Blockchain with payment methods such as Bitcoin. In this conference we will learn to identify the opportunity costs in Blockchain to develop a realistic strategy that reports benefits from day one,” says Alberto Gomez Toribi, Technology & Innovation specialist.

Interactive demonstrations – Visitors can enjoy interactive presentations that facilitate the process of acquiring knowledge in the area of Blockchain, Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence.

Discussion tables – each panel lasts approximately for one hour and has a discussion table where each panel participant debates with other speakers or answering questions from the public.

Networking – during the Congress there are networking meetings with the speakers, as well as other attendees, investors and developers.

“Open the way to a new form of communication between people, things and society, since the future is here and it is called Blockchain,” added Óscar Domínguez, CEO of the Congress.

Internet and Technology Multimedia Association (AMIT), the organizer of the Congress, has awarded 200 tickets with access to all conferences and workshops. Request your ticket totally free by signing up for the waiting list on Eventbrite.

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