Blockchain: Regulation and the Law Symposium 2020 | November, 24, 2020

Much has been discussed about the opportunities that blockchain technology presents. But what does the adoption of blockchain really mean to legal departments and is it as complex as it seems?

In the second of the annual blockchain-dedicated events, the London’s Law Society’s expert panels will de-mystify blockchain technology and explore its practical implications to legal departments across a diverse range of industries with a focus on real-life case studies, while highlighting the risks, obligations, benefits and challenges associated with its implementation. In addition, the Symposium will examine the regulatory aspects of blockchain, with panels deliberating on how different jurisdictions are approaching the development and deployment of distributed ledger technologies.

The Law Society
113 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1PL, UK

Case studies will bring answers to questions such as:

  • What changes to the legal department will the usage of Blockchain bring?
  • What advantages/disadvantages would the deployment of blockchain bring compared to the existing in-house legal procedures?
  • Is it safe and compliant with all regulations (GDPR, KYC etc)?
  • What are the costs or savings linked with the deployment?

Senior in-house legal counsel and lawyers from all industry sectors are invited to attend this event, particularly those with a specific interest in:

  • Smart contracts
  • Trade, trade finance, payments, banking
  • GDPR, IP, IT law
  • eIDAS, supply chain management
  • Security and fraud

Speakers include:

  • Massimo Donna, Law & Strategy Managing Partner at Paradigma
  • Adi Ben-Ari, CEO and Founder at Applied Blockchain
  • Jason Rozovsky, Assistant General Counsel and Head of Legal Center of Excellence at R3
  • Helen Anderson, Legal Counsel Interactive at Accenture
  • Shawinna Hoffman, Global Cognitive Legal Co-Leader at IBM
  • Paolo Tasca, Executive Director at University College London

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