Advancing Bitcoin Developer Conference 2022 — March 3-4, 2022

The Advancing Bitcoin Conference is a gathering of experienced Bitcoin developers to share their knowledge through 25 minute talks and panel discussions.  This is an opportunity to hear their thoughts, live, and ask them questions.

Meet the people that make Bitcoin happen! Share ideas and make new friends/business connections.

Speakers include:

  • Amiti Uttarwar, Bitcoin Core Contributor
  • Jimmy Song, Educator, Author of ‘Mastering Bitcoin’
  • John Newbery, Founder, BitcoinBrink
  • Lisa Neigut, Lightning Protocol Engineer, Blockstream
  • Stepan Snigirev, Specter Wallet
  • Igor Korsakov, Blue Wallet
  • b10c, Bitcoin Developer and Observer
  • Sanket Kanjalkar, Researcher, Blockstream
  • Ruben Somsen, Co-host, Unhashed Podcast
  • Elle Mouton, Lightning Labs
  • Carla Kirk-Cohen, Lightning Labs


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